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The journey to more freedom & happiness.

Mental slavery.

Escape as fast as possible.

I was born in Germany in 1987 (March) and grew up in the south. My life was incredibly sheltered and my parents literally sacrificed their lives for us. I wanted to break out early, whether it was school or a small town - I wanted to go out into the world. I felt the entire system was poisoning my true calling: to be free, to be human, to follow my gut and discover the world and its different cultures.

Escape as fast as possible - that was my motto. I realized very quickly that I was only being taught to memorize things at school. Most of my teachers were inexperienced in the world and its facets. Of course, it was more and more difficult for me to take people seriously who only knew the theory.

Get rid of the bullshit.

I have taken my life into my own hands.

Other than gym class, I didn't see any point in school anymore. I wanted to leave and the only way in Germany was to go into a profession. I decided for sales. So I personally asked one CEO when I was a teenager (15) if I could work for free for a week - on the 3rd day I was offered an employment contract and became the youngest employee in the history of the company. (Media Markt)

I was still too young, earned a lot of money early on and then, of course, fell into the trap. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. My exit came overnight. At the age of 24, I took an old bicycle, traveled the world for 5 years and really discovered my true potential for the first time in my life. The journey to more freedom & happiness started - back in 2011.

I had no money, to get food and shelter, I did all kinds of work - from dishwashing, selling postcards to giving massages to women.

I have become so creative, all so I don't have to go back to my old life. Drugs, parties, toxic relationships and no mindfulness of my true values and morals.

My 1st marriage.

A magical story.

About 4 years on the road, I met an old woman in India in an orphanage. I will never forget her telling me: "One day a woman will come into your life and ask you to marry her." I had laughed, 2 years later I was married - a woman from France had proposed to me after 3 days - at the yacht harbor of Mykonos.

My life has changed dramatically. From cycling around the world and living on a $5 a day budget, all of a sudden I'm wearing fine linen pants and going out for fancy dinner. Extremes were nothing unusual in my years on the bicylce, but with Léa in my life we both truly broke through all limitations and fears. We were a dream team and the energy was ultra high.

What doesn't fit,

will be made to fit.

Back from our 1-year honeymoon world-trip, we moved from Paris to Amsterdam. I quickly realized that I would not be happy here as an employee. Out of nowhere, I opened a marketing agency. I didn't really know how to do that, but I had a strong and very experienced business-wifey and I was used to big risk already from the bike tours around the world.

Rapidly I realized that through the experience in traveling I have become a very strong solution-oriented character. Nothing stood in the way of my success. I had a high and imagine what comes after the high.


I was completely exhausted.

I aimed for social and financial success and lived a dream life. At least that's what the people around me thought. The problem was, I was so much on the outside that I hadn't noticed how my mental and emotional health had gotten worse. Somehow I still managed to make everything look like I was enjoying my dream life until almost the end of the marriage. Somehow I still wanted to hold on to the dream myself.

And one day the dream became a nightmare.

Breakup. I almost died during the divorce.

I struggled with suicidal thoughts and lost all connection to reality. I was at the end. At a certain point, I simply had to realize that there was only one path left for me: I had to get treatment.

A total new start.

Unlocking my potential.

I had come out of a deep, dark hole and had to learn to stand on my own two feet again. With the right guidance, I brought myself back to life. I put the focus on my nutrition and my body and have blossomed in it.

I learned to walk again and had sworn to myself: I will only take conscious and mindful steps, taking care of my emotional, mental and physical health. I was able to unleash my full potential so much that 1.5 years after the divorce I was able to help other men with advice and true leadership.

I am alive today because of therapists, mentors and lifelong friends.

It burned eagerly in me to give my regained and newly established power to others through my experiences. I was obsessed with helping others. It was completely logical for me to develop my own mentoring program, expressing my deep gratitude to my new life and those around me. I did everything to show others: "You can turn your deepest fears into your greatest strengths."

High-Impact Mentoring

Without filters, straight to the point.

Today, I start my day with positive intentions. I am an unique personality who moves through the game of life with a beautiful style. I leave great impressions, people want to be around me.

I navigate through challenges with ease, because I see no problems, but solutions. I face life with a healthy confidence and I am constantly working on personal growth, because the life I lead will awaken the desire in others to become better.

I live as the example I want to see in the world and inspire you to achieve things you've only dreamed of. I have strong values and a clear vision. Today I go happily to bed and close my eyes with deepest gratitude.

"Radically honest and in the moment"

„Alexandros is one of the most authentic person I know. Radically honest and in the moment, as a good coach should be. I'm looking forward to the podcast that goes online today with you and me. Much love to you, brother.“
Robin Stolberg
Natural Biohacking & Breathwork
„Alexandros is one of the few people who are completely guided by their heart. His intuition is remarkable. He has a very good understanding of people.I am sure that he will lead many more people to inner fulfillment.“
Nina Vivian Köhler
Holistic Coach
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"Alexandros, in good and in bad times you have been an extreme motivation. I am convinced that so many who will join your program, that they will benefit so massively from it."
Patrick Letica
Jiu-Jitsu Athlete, Switzerland
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"You kicked me out of the comfort zone. I feel much more energetic now, my physical condition is way better and even in my business I think in a way bigger picture."
Alexander Richter
Founder of
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"I want to say thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart. You coached me in the area of self confidence. Meeting you in Mexico was game changing for me."
Fabrizio Famà
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"Alexandros inspires me. His passion and excitement for life is truly contagious. Every time after I speak with him, no matter how I am feeling before, I am ready to run through a wall I am so pumped up - ready to take on life, and live to my fullest potential."
Evan Cassidy
Founder of Boomin' Brands

"reignites your hope in humanity"

„Once in awhile you meet someone who reignites your hope in humanity. Alexandros is a refreshingly idealistic, kind, genuine human being. Sometimes when I’m having negative thoughts I ask myself “What would my friend Alexandros think about this?”. After spending time with Alexandros I felt elevated as a person. I wish more people were like him.“
Jenni Vere
„Alexandros helped me to realize very important and specific things about myself and my deep inner wounds. He has an amazing way of observing life and letting you know how are you reacting to it. Im very thankful and I am pretty sure that whoever gets a deep mentoring from him, it will be deeply healing and you will be ready to conquer your life.“
Aranza Villegas

"he transmits that unique energy"

„Alexandros has changed my view of the world from the brief time I’ve known him and allowed me to elevate all parts of my life and take control of my decisions. I seriouly could not recommend a phone call more with the man!“
„One of the best things that could have happened to my life. The way he thinks and the way he transmits that unique energy he has, makes you feel better. If you are looking for someone to help you transform, he is the one.“
Juan Antonio Figueroa

"rethink your whole beliefsystem"

„Highly recommend talking to him at leats one time. Just having a conversation with him will open up your mind in so many different ways. His energy and his way of living will inspire you to rethink your whole beliefsystem and identity, so that you can start to shape your reality the way you want it to be. “
Nils Fass
„Im definitely inspired. Truly you stay authentic regardless your field or surrounding and thats the base of honesty towards one self and therefore towards others which I believe makes you a good choice for someone seeking the change that you offer to help with. Much Love Brother and keep up the great Inspiration.“

"he is reflecting, sharing, learning and feeding back"

"I knew that he is bringing something special into this world. For me, it was his relentless openness about his own experiences, and his way of turning everything in his life into a powerful opportunity to learn and bring light into the world. We've had the pleasure of sharing in a lot of uplifting and magical experiences, and in each moment - he is reflecting, sharing, learning and feeding back into his environment. Its a pleasure to share in any experience with Alexandros - but more importantly - affirming and meaningful."
Devon Walshe
„Alexandros is a true motivator. I have known him for years and can allow myself this statement. He made me get off my ass, he guided me to make an effort in several areas of my life, especially when it comes to physical and mental fitness. During the active time with him my own limits were exceeded together and sustainable changes were established in my daily life. I respect him a lot and appreciate the regular communication. Thank you for being here, I am very happy that we know each other. Best to you from Bebra.“
Roland Rehm

"Top notch loving soul."

"I’ve had thousands of interactions with people online over the past few years. Fast forward a couple of years later, I was posting in multiple Facebook groups to spread the word around my mission to empower nomadic world builders to connect and transform offline. Alexandros commented on one of the posts and we had an unforgettable call. We’d never met each other before, but he saw the core depths of the vision I’ve been executing. It was like talking to a brother I never had before. More than that, his genuine desire to help me manifest the vision was something I hadn’t experienced with an internet stranger. Top notch loving soul. Much appreciate your love brother!"
Steven Coi
Founder of Manifest House
„Alexandros should be in the dictionary under the definition of what it means to be alive. My first encounter with the wild creature was on the dance floor and let me tell you, he hyped the place up. An incredible person that can point a mirror at you and help you recognize your true self. We are great mirrors for each other but also windows that open breaths of fresh air. I am truly grateful to call this man a brother on the life journey of betterment and if you have the opportunity to choose someone to be inspired by I would choose this man. Honourable and true to what matters at the root of it all. Love, no pride, no ego but definitely a big chest. Love you hermano.“
DJ & Artist
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